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Sometimes you just have to…

“Sometimes you just have to close your eyes, count to ten, take a deep breath, remind yourself that you wouldn’t look good in prison stripes and just smile and walk away.”  – Unknown

Unfortunately we have all been in situations where someone misled us or let us down, and frankly it sucks.  It is hard when you put your trust and confidence in a person and they drop the ball.  And when they drop the ball repeatedly it goes from feeling disappointed to feeling just plain angry.  And that is where you have to remind yourself of what the quote says – “remind yourself that you wouldn’t look good in prison stripes and just smile and walk away.”

Building a reputation of trust is such an important thing to do.  Be a person of your word.  When you make a promise, deliver.  If something goes wrong that prohibits you from keeping your promise then tell the other person immediately, without hesitation.  The most important thing you can do to maintain trust with someone is to communicate immediately and fully, especially when its bad news.  Don’t ever avoid having to tell bad news, rather jump on it as fast as you can.  The longer you delay bad news the more distrustful you become in the eyes of others.

Hard things will happen in life and even the best laid plans can get derailed, often times in ways that are completely out of your control…that is only to be expected.  So when they do you have to be willing to share the bad news quickly and then do everything in your power to rectify the situation the best that you can, but first and foremost, share the news quickly.  That is my advice anyway.

“When someone believes in you enough to lift you up, try not to let them down.”

And if you are on the receiving end of being let down, just try to stay calm because let’s face it, prison stripes and orange don’t really look good on anyone 🙂

Have a good day everyone!


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