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Stand Together To Greater Your Good

Last weekend my husband and I were with our friends Charles and Liz Koch along with 700 other truly amazing philanthropists, business leaders, and leading advocates who all share a common desire to help others to excel.  As a philanthropic community, this group known as Stand Together works collectively to:

1. Empower everyone to find fulfilling work
2. Ensure an excellent education for every person
3. Build a stronger economy that works for all
4. Help neighbors beat poverty and addiction
5. Bridge divides and build respect for one another

Working collaboratively we are able to amplify our charitable efforts, increasing our effectiveness and reach more than tenfold. And I love that everyone in the group is committed to giving of their time, talents, and treasure to help make our world a better place for all.  Getting to do good alongside great people is AWESOME! 

Learn more about the great work going on in Stand Together by visiting their website at . On their site you can also find video stories of some of the work we are doing, like this video showcasing the work my husband and I are doing with Stand Together at Utah State University’s Center for Growth and Opportunity:

We are so grateful to our friends Charles and Liz Koch for leading the charge and for getting so many amazing people to Stand Together in order to greater our good!

Charles Koch, Liz Koch, Amy Rees Anderson, Rollin Anderson
, Charles and Liz Koch with Rollin and Amy Rees Anderson

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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