Step Back And Give Things A Once Over

When is the last time you stepped back from your life and gave it a once over? Let me give an example that will illustrate what I mean:

Several years ago an organization created a logo and a website that perfectly fit their needs for targeting the market they were focused on and using messaging that matched their focus. All was well with that website and the organization left it alone and focused on running their organization internally. Over the next few years the organization grew and they began targeting a more mature audience then they initially had. They were so busy working at things that they had no time to even visit their own website. It wasn’t until several years later that someone actually stepped back from their day to day duties for a few minutes to pull up the website. On giving it a once over they quickly realized that their logo and their messaging on the site was completely ineffective as it didn’t provide the correct look or messaging for this new more mature market they had been servicing the past year or more. Had the organization not stepped back to give their website a once over it would have continued to be totally ineffective for the new direction the organization had taken.

Whether it’s for an organization or for our own personal lives, it is imperative that we remember to step back once in a while and give things a once over. What may have been right for us at one point in time may no longer be sending the correct messaging it will take to accomplish our current goals. And the only way we will discover that is if we are willing to get our heads out of the daily tasks for at least a few hours if not a few days to really step back and try and look at our lives as a whole – given where we are at this moment we need to determine what things make sense to keep in our lives and what things do we need to get rid of…we need to decide what message we should be sending to reach the target audience we are now focused on and realize what things have become outdated and irrelevant that need to get redone…we need to figure out what things that previously served their purpose are no longer the right things to take us to the next level of where we want to go…

It’s a mistake to let years pass by without stepping back to give things a once over – that will only lead to significant lost opportunities for advancement. In order to be successful both personally and professionally we’ve got to take time at least once each month to honestly assess if everything we are doing right now, and everything we are putting out into the Universe today, is going to get us the end result we most desire.  If we see that its not then we can properly modify, adjust, and correct things in order to ensure  that every aspect of what we are doing is leading  us to  exactly that place where we most want to be.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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