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Stop Yourself From Making Bad Decisions – Wear the Comfortable Shoes!

I have been walking for…well let’s see…yeah, about 40 years now.  And you would think that after 40 years of walking that I would have learned by now that that when one intends to go to the mall shopping, one should wear their comfortable shoes!   Just like you’d think I would have learned that when

You Always Have A Choice

Every day we make choices.  Some are minute. Some are major.  Some choices we make without even consciously thinking about them.  We are constantly making choices every second of every day:  We choose to get out of bed or not get out of bed. We chose to brush our teeth or not brush our teeth. 

The Impact We Have on Others

I think it’s important to stop every now and then and ask yourself if you are paying enough attention to the impact you have on others. Are your actions making other people’s lives better? Or are your actions making other people’s lives worse? The answer is either one or the other, so it’s critical that


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