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I can’t believe it’s already been one year!

I can hardly believe that it was exactly one year ago, last Saturday, that we signed the closing documents to sell MediConnect (MCG).  Since that day it has been a sheer whirlwind of activity so when I realized that it was the one year anniversary over the weekend all I could think of is how it

A Phenomenal Company

As you know, over the last several months I have been working to transition my day to day duties at MCG so I can spend more time mentoring and advising people.  As part of that I have been able to work with Kevin Carpenter from our parent company to help him gain an understanding of

Derby Party!!!

First off I want to point out that my cute Derby avatar is chewing on a piece of STRAW! Not violating company policy with anything else in my mouth :). HUGE NEWS! On Friday the 24rd of August any employee who is coming with us to the Derby will be allowed to leave the office

Summer Love From MediConnect

Today I am going to share with all of you the newest client newsletter that will be sent to our customers at MediConnect.   Enjoy the newsletter and have a great Wednesday!… Summer Love From MediConnect Remember summer break as a kid—-how excited you were to ride your bike around the neighborhood, slurp a snow cone,

Why I Started This Daily Blog to my Employees…

I want to start today’s CEO message with an explanation as to what this daily message is and the background on why it came about… As the company grew from a mere 70ish employees when I took over as CEO in 2004, to over 1,000 of us worldwide, I struggled to find a way to


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