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Rethinking Your Stress

It was sometime in the 1990’s when I first came across a PBS special where a woman was speaking in in a stand-up comedy routine sort of way on The Joy of Stress. Almost immediately I began laughing out loud listening to her as she described in the most entertaining way the self-defeating thoughts and

Perhaps Its Time To Put The Glass Down

Every now and then you come across the perfect article or story at the perfect time in your life. That happened for me today. I don’t actually know who wrote this story or where it came from, but it had such an impact on me that I just had to share it with all of you.

And the Christmas Countdown has Officially Begun!

Only 21 days until Christmas!  It is hard to believe.  This time of year is my very favorite, yet it seems to fly by so quickly each year that I barely am able to appreciate and take in the Christmas spirit.  I am beginning to realize that the only way to take control of ENJOYING

Forget your stresses, Gangnam Style!

Tonight I came home from work after working late to pack up the rest of my pictures off my office walls, very much feeling the weight of exactly how much I still need to get transitioned before the end of this week.  The stress of the week was weighing heavily on my shoulders.  As I


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