Take Time To Enjoy The View

Last weekend my family and I headed up to Idaho to visit my husband Rollin’s family for the Anderson family reunion. My husband comes from the most amazing parents – I truly lucked out getting his parents as my in-laws when we got married. Rollin’s family is awesome. His family has eleven children and they grew up on their family dairy farm in Idaho. Recently, they sold their farm and his mom and dad have moved into a home along the Snake River so that is where we held the reunion.

When you walk into their front door of their home it opens into a big great room that looks straight out the large glass doors on the back of the home to the most incredible view of the Snake River. In front of the glass doors Dad and Mom (Grandpa and Grandma to my kids) have their cute little rocking recliner chairs so they can sit and relax and simply take time to enjoy the view. Here is a picture of the view they see:


Isn’t it beautiful?! I love their view. And it was so wonderful to take a moment to sit in their chairs and watch as the kids all laughed and played down in the river. It felt so good to just sit quietly and enjoy the view for a little while. It’s amazing how sitting and enjoying a beautiful view can make feel calm and centered and peaceful. It really helps give you an appreciation for the beautiful world we live in and it helps you clear your mind of all the noise in this world.

There is tremendous value in taking a little time to enjoy the view. But if we don’t force ourselves to do it then it likely won’t happen. We live in a crazy world with a million distractions around us each day and it is so easy to get caught up and never even notice the view out the window. Yet with so much craziness we desperately need to have those moments of peace and clarity that come from sitting in our rocking chairs and looking out the window, taking in the view.

Try it!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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