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That Moment You Realize That You Are Watching A Video of, Well, Yourself?

Last week we were preparing to host a group of people on our houseboat down at Lake Powell. I was running around like crazy trying to make sure every throw pillow was perfectly positioned and every bit of dust was off the floors so that everything would look absolutely perfect for our guests who were going to be arriving. One family arrived a day before the other families were to arrive to stay on the boat so we could enjoy a day together before the crowd arrived. Before we went to bed that night they heard me explaining to my daughter that the next morning before the other families arrived we would need to once again do a run through of the entire houseboat to make sure everything was clean and perfect again before the arrival of the rest of our guests. The family laughed at how worried I was about making everything perfect for my new guests and they pulled up a video from YouTube for me to see. As they played the video I about died laughing…

My husband and daughter were laughing at the video as well because it was an all too familiar scene for them. I blurted out, “Oh my goodness that is totally me!”. I am definitely that crazy cleaning Mom who goes totally overboard trying to make sure everything is 100% perfect before her guests arrive watching the video I totally had to admit it. I run around making sure every speck of dust is gone, the chairs are perfectly aligned, and making sure there is no sign of people having lived in the home so that things will be beautiful for our guests. But as I watched the video I could see that perhaps I go a little bit overboard with it…however, it made me feel better to know that I must not be the only crazy cleaning Mom if 6 million other people watched the video and felt they could relate to it!

My message to all the other Moms out there who watched the video and thought “Oh my gosh, I’m that person in the video” I just want you to know that I understand that the only reason you get a little crazy cleaning up is because having a perfect house for your guests is your way of showing love and letting the guests know that they matter 🙂   #ifeelyou

Well I have 20 guests arriving to my home today to stay with me for the next three days so I have to run so I can get this house looking like DISNEY ON ICE people…DISNEY ON ICE!

Have a great weekend!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Jane says:

    Seriously, Amy. LOL Your guests want to see you. Your guests want to spend time with you. Your guests won’t notice dust unless it’s so thick it makes mud when they set a glass on top of it. I already know you are a phenomenal hostess and your home is ultra clean and that extends to houseboat and vehicles. Relax. (I wish I had a bit more of ‘that girl’ in me. )

  • Dolly Wright says:

    LOL!! Such a great way to lighten up. (btw, I so wish Norm and I could have joined you as houseboat guests with our Izzy.)

    I haven’t been to Powell since I was 18! Thanks for the invite and I hope we can another time!

  • Katie says:

    This is so sweet Amy. I totally agree with you that the amount of effort you make to have your guests feel comfortable is just a sign of love & appreciation!! Keep being you 🙂

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