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The Countdown to WONDER WOMAN has begun! Why You Too Should Be Excited About That.

Look I am not even going to try and hide my excitement here – and anyone that knows me well won’t be surprised when I say that I am SO EXCITED for the Wonder Woman movie premier! So excited, in fact, that me and my friend Jacki (who I became immediate BFF’s with when we realized we shared a mutual obsession with all things Wonder Woman 🙂 ) are actually sponsoring an event to host an exclusive, advanced screening of the new Wonder Woman movie the day before it opens!!!  June 1st baby!!! I can’t wait!

Exactly four weeks from today I will be sitting in the theater, in my Wonder Woman apparel, celebrating the fact that our young women can finally see an example on the big screen of how a woman can have grace and elegance and still kick some bad guy booty when necessary! Our young women finally get a big screen female superhero to look up to that stands for what’s right with courage and conviction.

As a parent I will absolutely be making sure my daughter and daughter-in-law are right there with me in that theater! If I could, I would be taking every young woman in the world to go see this movie with me, but since that wouldn’t be possible I will settle for reminding every parent out there, both fathers and mothers, to make sure you get your daughters to this movie.

And you know who else I will be taking to the movie? My husband and my son! Because it’s good for all men (and young men) to see that intelligent, confident men (in this case Steve Trevor) aren’t at all threatened by a strong, capable woman, and rather they encourage it and love her for it. So get those men out to the theater as well to see this movie because they could all use a reminder of the fact that real men will always encourage women to be confident and capable and real men will always be proud of them for it.

You may think it’s silly that I would make such a big deal about a movie, but my reasoning isn’t so much about the movie itself as it is about what I experienced personally when I first saw Wonder Woman on television – If you missed my blog I wrote about all the ways Wonder Woman inspired me to do some amazing things in my life you can read it here.  And if you missed the blog I wrote about how Wonder Woman helped me to overcome my fears in life then you can read it here.

Once you’ve read those two blogs then you will know exactly why I am so excited that the countdown to June 1st has officially begun. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

Here are a few of the trailers to the movie to help get you excited too:

SO SO SO EXCITED!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Jane says:

    enJOY the movie. I am asking to see this for my Mother’s Day present.

  • Heather Vogeley says:

    Thank you for this post, it made me cry. I have always been a strong woman and have been made to feel ashamed of it by all of the men in my family. My father (extremely dominant) gave me the Myers-Brigg type indicator test when I was a teenager and found out I am an ENTJ. No wonder I stood up to him when he belittled me! My mother is a passive woman, just how he wanted me to be. Sorry buddy!

    Amy – thank you for reconfirming that being a strong, intelligent woman is o.k. and even a great thing to be! We need to hear it more often.

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