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The Day That Got Away

Have you ever woken up with a ton to get done and then worked your tail off all day only to find that you finished like 2% of what you actually needed to get done? Yeah…that was my day today. You know they say that time flies when you’re having fun, but the fact is that time flies whenever you are busy! The busier you are the less you notice the clock and’s dark outside and you are like “WTH” (…What the Heck..keepin it clean people, keepin it clean). 🙂

Today was BUSY! I don’t know if part of it is payback from having unplugged over the holidays or what but I suddenly realized I have a ridiculous number of unread emails that go back for weeks if not months. Then there is the crazy number of post-it notes sticking to every computer screen, office wall, desk, counter…you name it, there is a sticky note on it.  Oh, and voicemails…well let’s just say I haven’t even started trying to go through those….  YIKES!  And for all those waiting for responses…forgive me…

So I started my day with all these aspirations of busting through everything and making huge progress only to get derailed by new stuff that came up…grrrr…and here I am with the day almost gone and the realization that somehow today just got away…It seems impossible to me that it is already nighttime and I feel I am barely getting started still… Can’t we all just take a Do-Over on our Christmas break and unplug again? It was SO NICE…until we had to come back…so we should all take a vote and decide to have another break from our holiday break – I VOTE YES!

Oh, well. All we can do every day is give it our best effort and on days like this I just have to remind myself of that. I did my best to get everything done and it didn’t happen, but I tried..and that’s about all I could do.

On the positive note tomorrow is a Brand New Day – so YAY! Have a great one everyone! Here’s to hoping I get more done tomorrow.


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