The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday, which means that today is the first day of the rest of my life!  And if you think about it, for every one of your reading this blog, today is the first day of the rest of your life as well – and you didn’t even have to have a birthday for that :).

As I sat eating my fabulous Chinese food for my birthday dinner I broke open my fortune cookie and the fortune read “During this year your greatest wish will come true.” and I was like “How perfect is that to read on your birthday!!!”  And I had to do a little happy dance inside…you know the one….scooby dooby…shooby wooby….(don’t act like you have never done the happy dance before!).

So the truth is that it was just a fortune cookie saying and many of you are thinking “yeah, right…like that will actually come true”, but guess what – IT WILL come true and the reason why is because when I read it I decided to believe it will happen.  I even expect it to happen, and I am willing to work to make it happen, and therefore it will.  Some may think that sounds a little altruistic but the fact is that I have seen it happen time and time again in my life – I believe that a wish will come true, I work for it, and it does.  Many refer to that as the power of positive thinking, or the law of expectation, or The Secret.  I refer to it as faith and hope combined with action.  I have faith it will happen and that gives me hope.  Then I combine that with taking action that will take me in the direction needed to make it happen. I do everything in my own power to make my dreams come true and then I leave the rest to God, having faith that He will make whatever wish is best for me come true.  I also trust that He knows what wish I should make, even more than I do, because He knows everything and He never gets it wrong.   So ultimately if I do my best and trust Him then I am guaranteed to have my greatest wish come true!

Today is the first day of the rest of all of our lives.  Today we can start fresh, putting the past behind us with all its mistakes and all its regrets, and we can start over.  We can start today being the person most want to be in our life.  We can write down our goals for the future of what the rest of our life will look like (don’t forget to take those and make them into a goal poster because as you know, those are magic!).  We can shake off past hurts and forgive past offenses and let go of bad feelings.  We can start fresh in every aspect of our life.  What an exciting thought that is.  What an amazing opportunity to start a new race in life.  And this time we can start with all the wisdom of our past lessons learned to help guide us more smoothly ahead.   What an incredible day today is going to be – the very first day of the rest of our lives!  Let’s make it AMAZING!!!


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  • Charm A. says:

    I love this ! This is how I live my life. It gets tough sometimes and I tens to slip off a little but I catch myself and get back on it as soon as possible !!!! Nothing beats a grateful lifestyle <3 thank you Amy

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