The First Gift

I couldn’t think of a better message to share going into this weekend than this one I am going to share below. With all of the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holidays and the holiday parties and concerts and family celebrations and shopping for presents, it is really easy to get totally caught up in the craziness of it all and lose sight of what this season is really all about.

I was feeling a little that way myself today as I have been running around stressing about getting ready to host a big neighborhood holiday event in my home this weekend. Then my darling husband sent me this video link to watch…smart man! Had he tried to tell me to “calm down” I would have just gotten upset with him because everyone knows that a husband should never tell his wife to “calm down” when she is stressing out unless he wants to be camping out on the couch for the next few nights ūüôā . Instead he sent me a link to this video that was the perfect reminder of why I needed to calm down and refocus my mind on what truly matters this time of year.¬† Sure, the parties are an important part of the holiday celebrating, but we can’t let ourselves get all stressed out about having everything perfect because that is NOT what they are¬†supposed to be about. They are supposed to be about spending time with people you love and¬†enjoying the¬†Spirit of the season. So even though we all still have to get the shopping done, and the food prepared, and our homes decorated,¬†and prepare to host parties – we should all try to keep the message below front and center in our hearts while we do it!

I am going to share the blessing my husband gave to me by sending me this video with all of you too.  After you watch it (its really short so it only takes a minute) be sure to pass the blessing on to someone else by sharing it with them.  We all need gentle reminders like this during this season to help us stay focused on what really matters.

Right?!?! I know!  It was amazing!!! Just the reminder I needed!

Don’t forget to share the video with everyone you know! Have a great weekend and¬†may we all keep the spirit of the season front and center in your thoughts and hearts.


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