The Hardest Thing To Do

The hardest thing is watching someone you love suffering and there is literally nothing you can do to make it better…its especially hard when it’s your little 17 month old grandbaby. As I sit here at the hospital again tonight surrounded by my family as we watch the doctors and nurses working on baby Flynn who is very sick…the hardest thing to do is nothing…not being able to fix it or make it better is absolutely brutal.  I’m so used to being able to fix things in business that this feeling of helplessness I feel in this situation is overwhelming. There is nothing I can do but do nothing…And watching them have to hold this little baby down while they put an IV in him yet again when the poor little guy just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago (after having Influenza A) it is just breaking my heart…I hate seeing him suffer and I hate how much he has had to go through these past few weeks.

Not only is it brutal to watch your grandbaby suffer but its doubly brutal knowing your son and daughter-in-law are suffering as they watch their sweet little boy in pain and they are dealing with fear of the unknowns while the doctors work furiously to figure out everything wrong with him. Yet all I can do is sit here and do nothing…except pray for him, and pray for my son and his wife, and pray for the doctors to be guided as they treat him.

Crowded together in a hospital room is not the way we had hoped to celebrate my daughter Ashley’s birthday today, but I am realizing that at least we are all together and I’m recognizing how incredibly blessed we are to be able to say that…to have all of us are here and alive, even though one of us is very sick…we are here and able to hug one another, and support one another, and pray together for little Flynn to recover.

Nothing matters more than God and family. And I pray he will bless my family by helping little Flynn get better.

~Amy Rees Anderson    (read Amy’s new book “What AWESOME Looks Like: How To Excel In Business & Life” )


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