Amy Rees Anderson

The Importance of Paying Attention to our “Todays”

Living in the moment is not always easy to do. It seems that we all have a tendency to focus our thoughts on our past mistakes and feel discouraged about them, or we focus our thoughts on a future that we wait to someday have. It seems that we rarely focus on our todays, our right nows. So today my thoughts are on the importance of paying attention to our “todays”.

Every morning that we wake up we have a brand new “today”. 24 hours to apply any way that we choose. 24 hours to accomplish much and help many. If we were to really pay attention to our today when we wake up each morning and focus on making our today the very best and most productive it can be, challenging ourselves to do something amazing today, imagine how good we would feel when we climbed into bed at the end our day, knowing that today we had accomplished greatness. Today we woke up happy, today we smiled at someone, today we made someone feel better about themselves by giving them a genuine compliment, today we worked hard and stayed focused on our top priorities for the day, today we made a friends day happier by making them laugh or saying something kind to them and thanking them for being part of our day, today we showed a client we cared by going the extra mile for them and to show our gratitude for the work they give us we did a little bit more than was expected of us, today we made a coworker feel good by sharing tips with them on things that have helped us to be more successful in our jobs, today we aimed for excellence in all we did, today we treated everyone like they matter because they do, today we went home to our loved ones and told them how much we appreciate the joy they bring into our lives by being a part of it, today we thanked God for this beautiful world we live in and for our health and every other blessing He has given us….today was a truly GREAT day! And to think, we can feel that way every single day if we choose to!

So here we stand at the beginning of “today”. Today can be whatever we choose to make it. So let’s choose to make our today a truly GREAT day!



PS.  I have to give a shout of congratulations to Shani Allsop, one of our business partners at REES Capital as she gave birth yesterday night to a beautiful baby boy.  I was able to go see her in the hospital tonight and I have to say that there is no better feeling than holding a brand new little baby – talk about a great day!  – Congrats Shani!


  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Amy,

    I enjoy every of your writings. I actually opened a personal folder on my Laptop where I file your write-ups after reading for ease of reference.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Rogers says:

    Nice post amy!

  • Brennan says:

    Amy. Thank you, awesome advise as usual. Also please tell shani congratulations and may God give her and her family all the blessings they need and want.

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