Amy Rees Anderson

The Joy Of Having No Place To Go

The happiest nights
I ever know
Are those when I’ve
No place to go,
When the missus says
When the day is through:
“Tonight we don’t have
A thing to do.”
Oh, the joy of it,
And the peace untold
Of sitting ’round
In my slippers old,
With [music and book]

In my easy chair,
Knowing I needn’t
Go anywhere!
Needn’t hurry
My evening meal
Nor force the smiles
That I do not feel,
But grab a book
From a near-by shelf,
And drop all sham
And be myself.
Oh, the charm of it,
And the comfort rare;
Nothing on this earth
With it can compare;
I am sorry for him
Who doesn’t know
The joy of having
No place to go.
-by Edgar A. Guest

After the craziness of the last month I really appreciate the sentiment shared in this poem about the joy of having a few days with no place to go… We all need some time time where we can do absolutely nothing but read a book, or sit in a chair, or rest on a beach. I’ve learned that having down time – which I used to view as unproductive and wasteful – is actually a pivotal elements of having joy in life.

Here’s to spending time doing nothing 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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