The MVPs of the Super Bowl

While fans everywhere were excited to watch the Super Bowl game, I was excited because one of the Super Bowl commercials announced that Little Caesars Pizza is now offering home delivery!  YEEEEE  HAWWWWWW!!!!!  Touchdowns are nothing in excitement compared to how I feel about that news! Just think about it – we now have the ability to have the worlds best crazy bread and sauce delivered right to our front doors!! It’s like they’re giving us a Christmas present in February! #blessed

Speaking of it being February… was it just me, or did January seriously feel like the LONGEST month ever?! I swear January felt like it was an entire year long rather than just a month…but hey, we made it through it and now we can all enjoy the month of February šŸ™‚

Before I head to bed I want to share my two favorite Super Bowl commercials from tonight’s game:

#1 pick – Google commercial was definitely the best commercial of the entire night. It seriously made me get all teary. Awesome commercial…just awesome…nicely done Google…nicely done…

#2 pick – T-Mobile Mama commercial because my son Dalton couldn’t stop laughing during this commercial…he kept saying “This is my life!” So funny…

But without a doubt, the real MVP of tonight is Little Caesar’s…definitely Little Caesars…

Happy Monday everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book ā€œWhat Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Lifeā€ )

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