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The People Who Encourage and Inspire Us

There are people in all of our lives that lift us up when we are down or help us through when times are tough. There are people in our lives who make us laugh and smile and make us feel better about ourselves. There are people in our lives that tell us we can do it when we feel like we want to quit or give up. There are people in our lives that take the time to tell us that we matter. There are people in our lives that stand as a constant reminder that God loves us because of the way they spread love to everyone they come in contact with. Thank heaven for these types of people.

One of these people is a past employee of mine named Connie Housekeeper.  Connie is one of the sweetest people with one of the biggest hearts in this world.  She was always going out of her way to lift other people up.  One day Connie shared an article she wrote with me her thoughts on “Ten ways to keep you happy on your path to success” that I thought I would share with everyone:

1.       You are excited right now.   Don’t lose the excitement.   There are people in all walks of life that can’t stand to see you succeed.  They get jealous and do their best to give you reasons to slack.    Don’t be a slacker.

 2.         Look around you.  Follow the rules.  Follow procedure but find ways to do more without expecting anything back regardless of who sees and who doesn’t.    Share your ideas good or bad and discard the bad as fast as a rotten potato.   Become a valued part of any place you work.  Don’t be complacent just because others encourage that.

 3.       In every job there is something to take pride in.    I heard of a woman teaching her grandchildren how to wash a china dish.   She and her husband had run a restaurant and the one thing besides the great food that brought people back was that the dishes were spotless.  Not a smear or a speck of food anywhere on them.   When lined in a roll they were beautiful not just something to plop food on but incredibly so clean each plate looked as if it was new and being used the first time.   She said to them . These people honor me with trust and pay me for doing something I love .   I treat them as my loved ones.   Treat each job you ever have as treasure.   Each one will help you develop the skills to move through life with integrity if you will let it.

 4.       Learn discipline in speech and honesty.   Never let pressure to get something done push you to take short cuts that cheapen who you are. Be the best of you at all times and in all places.

 5.       In every job you work with people who also have lives of stress, sadness and successes.  Learn to care.   Hear their voices.  Listen for a tired voice and empathize.  Every time you take a second or two to care, you strengthen your own ability to get through hard times.  You also give the company you work for the reputation of a caring, worthy company to do business with continually.   You gain so much more than you give.

 6.       Be aware of the people around you .   Don’t let yourself be part of unwarranted suspicion…When the truth is usually far less scary.

 7.       Be the one that wants to help but keep focused and give more than a day’s work for the luxury of a day’s pay.

 8.       If you get frustrated don’t pick up the phone or talk to a customer.  Hold it together until you can take a break .   Then rethink how lucky you are to be looking forward to a payday and a step closer to your dreams.  If it is a customer that is giving you nothing but a pain in the neck, you can’t change his attitude until you change yours.  Think of that person as a member of your beloved family.  How should you treat this brother or sister in the same situation?  Ponder it maybe that person is in a horrible situation and just really needs a kind voice unexpected right at that time.   Don’t call in anger, frustration or most of all sleepy.   The sound of your first word will betray you.   Have someone tell you a joke or think of one then make the call.    You will be amazed how much cooperation you will get.

 9.       Find ways to keep learning and to keep the job fresh.   Take time off to keep from being burned out.   A bored , burned out employee is not an asset to himself or any business.   I can promise you taking pride in all your efforts and sincerely wanting to do better tomorrow will keep you encouraged and happy to be where you are.   You will never regret leaving and going someplace new.  Bridges will not be burned.  Everyone will be happy they knew you.  I know many that have been rehired when the company realized they still needed them.  All things happen for a purpose.

 10.   Enjoy life where ever you are, enjoy the process of work.   In prison it is a punishment to withhold the opportunity to work.   It truly is one of the greatest things we get to do.    Shine at whatever you are asked to do.     I promise if you will do these ten things and keep integrity as your most treasured goal.   You will always have joy even in the toughest times.

 Thank heavens for people like Connie that take the time to inspire us along our life journey.  May today one you take Connie’s tips and make it HAPPY!


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  • Connie Houskeeper says:

    Love ya. Amy, I do remember when the night I wrote this. I am honored you shared it . Thank you, I miss you. Have a wonderful day, Lovely Lady.

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