The Rules We Learned At Recess

I loved recess as a little kid. I loved being out on the field running around with the sun shining. Now that  I am an adult I can look back and see that not only was recess a time for fun, it was also a teaching ground full of life lessons that would apply to life, even as we grew up to be adults. A few of the rules we learned at recess that are good life lessons for adulthood are:

Don’t take cuts:  Cutting in line is dishonest and unfair. Everyone else is waiting their turn so cutting in front of them is just another way of saying that you think you matter more than they do. It’s a clear sign that you aren’t willing to respect others.

Share:  Playing with a toy at recess all by yourself isn’t a whole lot of fun. When you won’t share with others you end up lonely and sad. Be willing to share what you have with others. It’s only fun to have nice toys if everyone you love gets to enjoy them with you.

Take turns so everyone can play:  When there are five people that want to play Four Square, take turns rotating in so everyone can participate. Never leave other people out if there is a way to include them in an activity. You can find the best of friendships in the most unlikely people if you open yourself up and take the time to get to know people. Including people in fun activities is a great way to show that you care.

Be sensitive to others feelings:  When a boy give you a note asking you to “go with him” during recess asking you to check the “yes” or “no” box he has drawn on your paper, always handle it with grace. When someone puts themselves out there enough to tell you they care about you it is important to handle any response you give with grace, humility, and appreciation. Never embarrass or belittle someone else for sharing their feelings with you, even if you don’t feel the same way.

No Takebacks: You can’t take back the words you say or the actions you do. Once you do or say them they are out there. Be careful not to say something you will regret. You can’t take it back once it leaves your mouth so think before you talk and never speak out of anger.

Have fun: Life is meant to be fun. Don’t waste your time on the playground of life being angry or hurt or sad. Be happy. Have fun. Fun and play and laugh so hard you can’t breathe! Feel joy and bask in the sunshine, even if you have to make the sunshine yourself.

Awww, yes….recess…playing wall ball and tag and the ever famous monkey bars…good times….good times…

Have a great day everyone!


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