The Value of YOU!

“Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” –unknown

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote and I think everyone in the world needs to hear that quote and know that it is true.

Far too often we allow other people’s opinions to impact our own feelings of self-worth.

I especially worry about our young people today. They are growing up in a world where bullying is all too common. Then there is cyber-bullying behind anonymous identities where people tear others apart. We see reports of young people committing suicide because they allowed someone else’s words to determine their own self-worth. No one else can determine your value…to God you are ALWAYS valuable!

Then there is the man or woman whose entire self-worth came from the person they were dating or married to, only to have the relationship come to an end and the person things they are no longer lovable. Or they lose their job and believe their talents and skills aren’t valuable. But its just not true…you are still lovable and you are still valuable.

There was a time in my life after going through a young divorce myself, when I was struggling with my own self-worth, or lack thereof. One day I was walking through a bookstore and I saw a book titled, “Confronting the Myth of Self Esteem” by Ester Rasband. The title of the book stopped me and I couldn’t help but pick it up. I knew it was a book I just had to read. I poured over its pages and I can honestly tell you that it literally changed my life. In the book she expresses the importance of not basing our self-esteem on what anyone else thinks about us because the reality is that we have absolutely no control over what others think. We could literally be a perfect person and someone else will still find a reason to talk bad about us or not life us because that is just what some people do, so it is a totally unfair metric to judge yourself by. Rather, she explains that we should focus our self-esteem on caring about what God thinks and only what God thinks about us, because that we can control. When we are living in a way we know God would be proud of, the result will be having a high sense of self-worth.

Coming to understand that changed my life. Our value truly isn’t impacted by other’s opinion of us – regardless of what anyone else thinks of you, you are still valuable to God. Always. So focus your efforts on caring what He thinks and everything else that matters will fall into place.

Have a beautiful day everyone.


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