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There is very little in life as humbling…

Thought for the day: There is very little in life as humbling as putting on a pair of jeans fresh out of the dryer. Now the men may have no clue what I am talking about with that statement, but I would venture to say that most women in the world can understand exactly what I am saying…For the sake of the men I will explain what we women go through when we take our jeans out of the dryer:

Once the jeans are removed from the dryer you do the stretchy dance in your newly dried jeans where you do every lunge and squat exercise possible in an attempt to stretch your jeans to the point that you can at least breathe again, all the time trying to reassure yourself that they are only tight because of the dryer, and it has nothing at all to do with all the nachos and bbq you ate the weekend before.

If only we women could handle these things like some men can – when men`s jeans are too tight they simply declare “I clearly need to go and buy a bigger size of jean!“  How nice that must be to handle it that way!   Whereas, being a woman, it`s typically the reverse situation – not only will we not buy a bigger pair of jeans, but we will also refuse to throw away that pair of jeans that is at least three sizes too small and just sits endlessly in our closet;  because someday, someday we will once again fit into those jeans, and thus we cannot allow ourselves to throw them away or that would be admitting that we won`t ever get back into that size again!  So instead we let those jeans continue to sit in our closet where they reign like a crown of glory, just waiting for us to reclaim our majesty someday…ah, yes, the joys of being a woman.

I think overall we women could take a lesson from the men on having better self-esteem. We need to stop picking ourselves apart and start loving ourselves more. We need to keep things in better perspective. When we walk by a mirror we should do what men do and say, “dang I’m good looking!” no matter how we actually look! It works for them, why can’t it work for us? And when they gain a few pounds they walk into the bedroom rubbing their larger tummy and say, “Baby…you get to have all this” as if it their belly is a badge of honor…so we should do the same! Seriously… the men have us beat by far when it comes to accepting their physical appearance and owning it loud and proud.

So my goal for today, and I invite all you women out there to join me in it, is to stop tearing myself down for my physical flaws and start looking in the mirror and saying “I’m gorgeous!”. That and I think I will stop putting my jeans in the dryer and just let them hang dry from now on 🙂

Have a great day everyone! Love Yourself!



  • sorecarul says:

    tough luck: the jeans get tighter even if you hang dry them.
    You could do all that you said in the second last paragraph and/or, make time in your life to exercise vigorously for about an hour a day so that you can enjoy all the health and mental benefits that come from that and enjoy a bit of nachos and ‘guilty’ food and a glass of wine once in a while.
    That and stop worrying about every little extra inch. We who love you, love you just the same (or a bit more ;)) even with the extra inch. Really.

  • boyd says:

    Amy, I agree so much with you on self esteem and telling ourselves we are great etc. AT the age I am, I thank God everyday that I can see, hear, move about, do stuff I love doing,am still fairly strong etc. and I thank Him for my body that it works! I am glad for it! Love you, Loa

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