They Are Trusting You – Don’t Blow It

Last night after I finished judging a business plan competition down at Utah Valley University my family and I met up at a restaurant to take my Father and Mother-in-law, who had traveled down from Idaho to visit us for the night, out to dinner. We were excited to see them as my father-in-law was recently diagnosed with melanoma and he’s recovering from surgery to remove it so we were anxious to give him a huge hug.

As we were eating our dinner my grandbaby Flynn stood up on the table, walked across it to where my husband was standing at the head of the table, and he jumped from the table and into the air to have my husband catch him. No hesitation, no fear, just total and complete trust that his grandpa wouldn’t let him fall.

I couldn’t help but marvel at how truly amazing it is when someone puts their trust in you that way. I also couldn’t help but want to scream out, “Don’t you dare let him fall! He trusts you – DON’T BLOW IT!!!”

If a company wants to succeed they need to have those words ringing in their ears at all times – This customer is trusting you – DON’T BLOW IT!

A customer’s trust is the most valuable thing they give you. It’s what got you the sale. It’s what made them take their hard earned money and pay you for whatever good or service you were offering. It’s what’s providing you with a paycheck. It’s what’s allowing your company to exist. It’s what will make your company a success. Yes, a customers trust is everything in business.

You sold them on your trustworthiness going into the relationship and because of that your customer is at the edge of that table jumping off into the air because they believe you are going to catch them. They are trusting you because you sold them on the fact they could – don’t let them fall – DON’T BLOW IT!

If your company lives by that principle you will always have more business than you’ll know what to do with! #integritymatters #success #whatawesomelookslike

~Amy Rees Anderson

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