Things You Must Give Up To Move Forward

As I start off each new week I always try to find some sort of quote or thought that will help inspire me to improve myself as I head into that week.  I am a HUGE believer in the importance of trying to constantly improve ourselves.   I think when we allow ourselves to become complacent with who we are that we risk sliding backwards in life, and I believe the only way for us to become the very best that we are capable of we must constantly focus on improving ourselves for the better.

 As I searched for inspirational quotes I came across a tribute someone had done to Stephen R. Covey that shared some of the life lessons Covey taught.  It shared ten points of Things We Must Give Up in order to Move Forward.   Each one of these points in and of themselves is a great lesson and one which could be expounded on in much detail, but for today I thought I would share the summary of these points and then perhaps over the next few weeks I will try and share some personal experiences I have had that confirmed to me that these points are valid. 

As you read through these points, keep in mind that this is the start of a Great new week and a Fantastic new month.  This is the perfect time to let go of the things that are holding you back and allow yourself to move forward more quickly and successfully toward an amazing future that is just waiting for you to embrace it!


 Have an amazing Monday tomorrow!



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