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This is One To Add To Your Goal Posters!

This week I was able to snap a picture of something that I am absolutely going to add to my newest goal poster.  If you don’t know about my goal poster than you seriously need to search my blog posts for “goal poster” and read about it.  The Goal Poster is MAGIC! And everything I put on it happens in my life – no joke. So I am very careful to select what I place on that poster.  Now back to the picture…

So this week my husband’s mom and dad came to visit us from Idaho so they could be here with us when we accompanied our daughter Ashley to the temple.  I know some people dread their in-laws coming to visit, but I feel just the opposite. I have the best mother and father in-law that anyone could ever ask for. They are the CUTEST couple ever!  Seriously!  I adore them and they are so fun to be around so I love it when they come to stay with us.  One of their favorite things to do when the come visit is to sit and watch movies down in our theater, but yesterday I found them cuddled up on my couch in my living room watching the Disney movie “Up”.  When I saw them sitting there I just had to take a photo of it:

Grandpa and Grandma Anderson

I mean – COME ON!  Is that the CUTEST thing you have ever seen or what?  Rollin’s Dad is 82 and his mom is in her mid 70s.  Will you just look at the love and cuteness on that couch!  That is exactly what I hope my life will be at their age.  I want to be that cute little in love couple who snuggles on the couch to watch “Up” at their age. I want to have that best friendship that they have with one another. They are head over heels for each other still after 50+ years of marriage and 11 children later…that’s right, 11 children.  They have been through so much together in life. Their first son was born handicapped, they lost another son in a farming accident at the age of 7, and they lost their second oldest son to cancer at the age of 29. They have been through financial hardships and struggles over the years as they ran their 1100 acre, 500 cow dairy farm in Idaho while raising their children.  They have been through sickness and health, good times and bad together.  They even spent two years living in Kenya Africa teaching people to farm in order to give back to others through service. They laugh together constantly.  They flirt with each other as if they were 20 years old still. They are sassy and fun and they are everything I hope to be in my marriage at their age.

So this photo is going on my goal poster to remind me of the relationship I am striving to have with my husband as we grow old with one another. I hope everyone out there is lucky enough to have that kind of relationship with their sweetheart.  But let’s face it – that isn’t just the result of luck..that is the result of giving and sacrificing and putting each other first and seeing past each others weaknesses and choosing to see the great things about each other.  It takes laughing and playing together and continually flirting with one another.  It takes effort each and every day.  So here’s to having a great weekend ahead to start putting that effort in with your own sweetheart!

Have a great weekend everyone!




  • Eric Christensen says:

    That is one for the goal posters indeed!

  • Henry says:

    There is so much to learn from that simple snapshot and few words about what it means to live a good life.

  • Whitney Luna says:

    Hi Amy, I met you on Halloween I am your neighbor 🙂 My husband and son were the superman’s.. You’re such an inspiration.. I sent you an email in your facebook would love your input <3

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