Time Heals Almost Everything, Give It Time

“Time heals almost everything, give it time.”  -Unknown

 “How are you doing?” I asked.  My friend proceeded to tell me of the tremendous hardships she’s going through this week and then concluded by saying “Sorry you asked I bet.”  I wasn’t at all sorry I asked – I was grateful she trusted me enough to share her hurt with me.  The only thing I was sorry about was that my friend was hurting and all l I could do was express how much I loved her and how sorry I was that she was for what she was going through.

There are some hurts in life that are so painful it feels like we can’t breathe.  Losing someone you love is a perfect example.  Being betrayed by someone you trusted is another. Those aren’t hurts someone else can fix or take away the pain of. What I’ve found is that those type of hurts only get better with time, which is frustrating because time is the one thing we can’t speed up…we have to just allow it to happen…and that takes, well, time… 

And so all you can do when you are facing hurt like that is to force yourself to move forward, pushing through the hurt and trusting that with each new day that pain will get a little easier to bear…then one day you will find that the pain has lessened…I don’t know that it ever completely disappears but it lessens enough that joy can come back in.

When I’m going through especially difficult times I often turn to music with inspirational messages to help me through. One example is a song by Jon McLaughlin called “Just Give It Time”. Here is an excerpt from his song:

“Still waters, heavy hearts
Plans we make all fall apart
Disillusioned and lost in the gray
How can we fix the heart when it breaks
Don’t know how much more you can take

Just give it time
It’s gonna get better
Now is not forever at all
Just give it time
Everything changes
Tomorrow comes today will be gone
Everything’s gonna be alright
Just give it time, Give it time”

If you are hurting, give it time. And know that it will get better….day by day…there is joy ahead.

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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