Time Is A Precious Commodity

We realize the value of our time more and more the older we get…perhaps because we become keenly aware that the time we have left is growing less and less…

The irony is that our time right now is, and always has, held the very same value – a minute has always been worth a minute, and an hour has always been worth an hour and so forth – but often we don’t see that because we tend to look at time as this future span that we take for granted we will have ahead of us.

For example, a young parent looks at their child and thinks they’ll have loads of time ahead to spend with the child in the years ahead so it’s okay to miss out on something with that child now because there will be another opportunity in the future to spend time with them. Or a young person who has a career to build thinks to themselves they’ll have plenty of time ahead to do that so it’s okay to spend hours on end now playing video games. Or the husband and wife who tell themselves they will find time for each other next week so its okay to skip out on date night this time….

I could give a million examples and we could all think of a million more because we have all been guilty of doing very thing…devaluing the time we are in now by telling ourselves we will have more time later…It’s a trap….and one that takes a lot of effort not to get caught in.
Time is a precious commodity and one that none of us actually know if we are going to get more of. There are no guarantees in life and we shouldn’t take for granted that there will be. Value your time right now because it’s the only time you are guaranteed to have left.

~Amy Rees Anderson  (Get a copy of Amy’s new book here: “What AWESOME Looks Like: How To Excel In Business & Life“)

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