Time To Make Your 2018 Goal Poster!

Okay people, this is the week to get out that cardboard sheet and a glue stick and find some pictures to represent everything you ever wanted and then make your 2018 Goal Posters!  Before you start poo-poo’ing the idea I strongly suggest you read some of my past posts in which I share the MAGIC of the Goal Poster!  The MAGIC IS REAL! Plus what better time to make one then just coming off the Christmas holiday and with the New Year about to begin?!

Here are a few of my past articles that explain the MAGIC of the goal poster and help you see why you HAVE TO MAKE ONE!!!  Read them and you will become a believer too…



Build Your Sky Castle! Now is the perfect time

“Do More of What Makes You Awesome”

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

If you aren’t convinced after reading those then I can’t help you… All I can say for certain is that if you want 2018 to be EVERYTHING IT CAN POSSIBLY BE then MAKE A GOAL POSTER NOW!!!!  #worthit #themagicisreal #goalpostersareforwinners #soaresprinkles

Make your goal posters!  Then LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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