That’s right! Today is the start of something brand new!  It is the start of a brand new week! And it’s a new week that can literally become whatever we want it to be because it is something BRAND NEW!

Look, I’m just going to say it – last week was miserable – but I REFUSE to let this week be miserable too! This week I am determined to make it a week full of happiness because it is up to me to make it that way. No letting petty people or stupid things drag me down. This week is about enjoying life and all that is good about it.

So much of what our day and our week will be comes down to our mental thoughts about it. More and more I am reminded that we have to stop negative thoughts, we have to stop thinking about people who drain us, we have to stop worrying about things we cannot control – we have to force ourselves to STOP.  It’s hard to do – trust me I know! It’s hard because you tell yourself a positive thought and you feel better for a minute and then that negative thought creeps right back in your head and it multiplies like a bunny rabbits! It goes from one negative thought to 500 negative thoughts in seconds! Unless that’s just me that it happens that way with, but I doubt it. I am guessing many of you relate to exactly what I am describing.

So this week, for all of us who recognize our issue and want to make it stop, let’s decide now to start the week BRAND NEW…no residual negative thoughts from yesterday or the day before that or any of last week. Let’s all decide that we are going to keep on hand multiple inspirational quotes that we can whip out at any time and read so that we keep a constant flow of positivity in our minds at all times so we leave no room for that first little negative thought to creep into our heads. The trick is to catch that first little negative bugger and kill it quick because heaven knows it will start reproducing like no other if we don’t!

Another way to help do it is to ask the people you are surrounded by during the week to make sure they stop you the second they see you slipping into those negative thoughts. Having good friends who will tell you positive affirmations can be the biggest blessing ever. I had several friends do that for me last week and they were ultimately what helped me feel better after days of negativity. So never hesitate to rely on your friends and to tell them you could use their help. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. For heaven sakes we have all been there and anyone who hasn’t is lying. I promise we have all been there so there is no shame in needing help to get out of it.

So there it is – this is our brand new week and we have an awesome game plan for making it AMAZEBALLS!  And I for one am SUPER HAPPY ABOUT IT! Time to PAR-TAY!


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