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Valentine’s Day Advice for the Single and the Taken

I was married five years ago, but prior to that I was single for ten years, and for every one of those ten years I dreaded Valentine’s Day. It was as if there had been a holiday created just for the purpose of torturing anyone who was single! They may as well have renamed the holiday “sucks to be single day” as far as I was concerned. As if being single, when everyone around you is happily married, isn’t hard enough, they had to go and create a national holiday to highlight the fact that I didn’t have a Valentine in my life. I seriously despised Valentine’s Day. I despised it until one year I finally realized that I didn’t have to let this holiday be such a downer – I could create my own meaning for Valentine’s Day – I could be my OWN Valentine! As my own Valentine I could take myself out for a mani-pedi and head to a spa for a massage and an evening of well-deserved pampering. I could go also go shopping and buy myself the perfect gift with all the money I saved by not having to buy a boyfriend a gift. In addition, knowing that nothing lifted my spirits quicker than performing an act of service for someone else, I realized that I could spread Valentines love to people in my life that inspired me. I could get those cute Valentines cards like we used to give out in third grade and make them for friends and loved ones to tell them “thanks for the love they bring into my life”. Giving love and appreciation to other people was a fabulous way to get over any sadness I previously had on Valentine’s day. I found myself looking forward to the holiday rather than dreading it. Funny how simple it was to change my perspective on it. It just took looking at it differently than I had before. That lesson was one of the great lessons I learned in my life.

So for all you single people out there that may be dreading this week’s holiday, I would challenge you to be excited to spread a little love to yourself and those you care about this week!

Given that laughter is also a great way to change our attitude about something, here is a fun quote I found that is sure to make you smile:

“Box of chocolate, $20, dinner for two, $80, dozen roses, $100, being single this year on Valentine’s Day and saving $200, PRICELESS!” ~Unknown

Now for those out there who DO have a Valentine in your life, I found a very, very good quote that ALL MEN reading this blog need to pay close attention to:

“A Valentine’s Day Warning to All Men: If she says she doesn’t want a special gift, she’s LYING!!! She’s just testing your mind-reading capabilities…”

If that fact (which is completely a true statement) frustrates you men, you will relate nicely to this next quote:

“Today is Valentine’s Day. Or, as men like to call it, Extortion day. “ ~Jay Leno

Extortion or not, the bottom line is this – either buy your Valentine a present, or even better, make them a handmade card or gift. Every girl loves a homemade card from her sweetheart because it says he cared enough to take the time to make it, even though he hates doing stuff like that. And if you don’t want to make her something then take the easy road and go buy her something with diamonds. You can never go wrong with diamonds. The choice is yours – either give us your time or give us your money :). We women are flexible like that :)!


  • Steph Featherstone says:

    Ha ha ha! This is awesome Amy. Thank you for sharing. Being single myself, Valentine’s day is always a hard holiday for me. Thanks for putting a new perspective on it!

  • Mary Evans says:

    “The choice is yours – either give us your time or give us your money . We women are flexible like that!” WOW, I love it Amy! We miss you so much and I’m happy that I still get to read your posts to brighten my day.

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