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Warning – This Might Make You Cry!

No doubt that the contents of this post may in fact lead you to cry.  It certainly made me cry!  I was watching the news a few days ago when I heard them announce that Garth Brooks was going to be performing on the show that morning. I was so excited when I heard that Garth was coming back again with a new album and a tour.  I LOVE Garth Brook’s music.  He is one of my all time favorite artists and his solo acoustic concert in Vegas was the best concert I have been to in my life.  I hit record in anticipation of seeing him perform and let me tell you how glad I was that I did that.  The song Garth sang had everyone in the studio audience in tears and I joined in right there with them. This song is AMAZING and everyone needs to hear it!

All I can say is this – we need FAR MORE of these types of uplifting songs with positive lyrics and a great message.  So much of everything we hear on the radio and see on TV today is negative – It’s really sad.  The world has enough negative garbage in it without adding more to it.  How great would it be if everyone with a talent to share with the world would create positive and uplifting things to share with others like the amazing message of this beautiful song?  We should all focus more on using our God-given talents to promote positive messages throughout the world because man it makes the world seem like a much nicer place when people do.

If you are able to watch this short video (2 minutes 47 seconds) of his performance I highly recommend you do!  If you are unable to for whatever reason, at least read the lyrics I pasted below the video clip for this song as you will get a small glimpse of why it evoked such emotion from all watching.  LOVE THIS SONG!!!   Have a great Monday everyone and watch this video!!!  I promise its worth watching!!


 MOM – sung by Garth Brooks

A little baby told God, “Hey I’m kinda scared

Don’t really know if I wanna go down there

Cause from here it looks like a little blue ball

But that’s a great big place and I’m so small.


Why can’t I just stay here with you?

Did I make you mad, don’t you want me, too?”

And God said, “Oh child, of course I do,

But there’s somebody special that’s waiting for you.


So hush now baby, don’t you cry

Cause there’s someone down there waiting whose only goal in life

Is making sure your always gonna be alright

A loving angel tender, tough, and strong.

It’s almost time to go and meet your Mom.


Now when she’s talking to you make sure you listen close

‘Cause she’s gonna teach you everything you’ll ever need to know

Like how to mind your manners, to love and laugh and dream

And she’ll put you on the path that will bring you back to me.


So hush now little baby and don’t you cry

Cause there’s someone down there waiting whose only goal in life

Is making sure your always gonna be alright.

A loving angel tender, tough, and strong

Come on child it’s time to meet your Mom.

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