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Was It A Bad Day? Or Was It A Bad Five Minutes You Milked All Day

“Was it a bad day? Or was it a bad five minutes you milked all day.”  – unknown

Boy that question really hits ya doesn’t it?  Because we’ve all done that before – we’ve had something bad happen during our day and we then allowed it to become the focus of the rest of our day. We wallowed in our misery making ourselves believe we were justified for doing so.

Perhaps we hit the snooze button more than we were supposed to that morning and we let that five minutes of a late start to our day turn into our excuse for being miserable the rest of that day.  Or perhaps it was that five minutes of road rage we felt when someone cut us off in traffic on the way to work and we spent the rest of our day of feeling ticked off at anyone and everyone else who happened into our day. Or perhaps it was those five minutes when a manager didn’t recognize you in the company meeting and you decided you hated your job the rest of the day. Or perhaps it was the five minutes when your spouse forgot to pick-up your dry cleaning and it became your excuse for acting annoyed with them the rest of the day.

I fully admit I’ve milked five bad minutes for the entire day a time or two…or three… Let’s get real here – we’ve all done it!  And answering that question “Was it a bad day? Or was it a bad five minutes you milked all day?” totally forces us to take a look at how often we actually tend to do that.

How ridiculous is it for us to take those five bad minutes and allow ourselves to turn them into an entirely bad day?!  Where’s the happiness in doing that?!  What we need to be doing is realizing that those bad five minutes were just that – five bad minutes.  And we literally control our own ability to keep those five bad minutes confined to their five minute window, because we have the choice to tell ourselves it was just five bad minutes, and those five minutes are now, thank heavens, behind us, and isn’t it awesome that we still have another 1435 minutes left to CELEBRATE THE FANTASTIC DAY still ahead of us?!!

Rather than using our milk to wallow in misery, I say we use our milk to dunk cookies into….mmmm ya gotta love soggy cookies…plus they’re far more satisfying  🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson

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