We All Have A Talent We Bring To The Table

I can still remember walking into a Deseret Industries thrift store as a newly married girl of 20 years old and spotting an old broken down piece of furniture. As I looked at it, in my mind I could literally picture the gorgeous rocking chair that it could be if I were to put a little effort into it. So I bought that chair and I did just that. I sanded it down and refinished it and recovered the cushions with some striped sheets I’d also found at a thrift store, and in the end that rocking chair turned out exactly how I had pictured that it would. It was adorable.

I have always had an ability to walk into an empty room and picture it fully decorated and furnished and know exactly what I was going to need to do to get it there. Then I would get to work and do just that, making it into exactly what I had been able to picture.

As a 20 year old I didn’t recognize this ability of mine to be a God-given gift, but now I do.  I realize that I have been given the blessing of recognizing what “could be” with a bit of polishing and sanding and good old hard work.  This talent is what allowed me to clearly see the end picture of what something could look like at the height of its potential, and that drove me to work to make that happen. This particular talent is what helped me become a successful entrepreneur, CEO, and leader, and it is what helps me now in my pursuits as an angel investor.  Putting this talent to work has served me well.

I’ve often asked myself the question, is it my picturing the end result possible that motivates me to do the work to make it happen?  Or is it my motivation to make something happen that allows me to see the full potential of what something could be?   I don’t know the answer to that question, but the fact is that it doesn’t really matter, because either way, it’s working well for me!

We all have a talent we bring to the table. Each of us has an ability we are inherently gifted at. And when we allow ourselves to recognize it, and we truly appreciate it, and as we exercise it more and more in our lives, it will  serve to bless not only our own lives, but the lives of people around us as well.

You have a talent – recognize it and for heaven’s sake USE IT!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Allen Nunn says:

    You are a Visionary! I am also the same.

    I often find myself building my ideas from the end
    and working backwards to the front
    as I connect all the dots.

    Also it seems that my ideas are
    years ahead of its time

    I have been given this gift from God, and I’m very
    Blessed. I just need the support and help
    to show and share my gifts and talents
    with others.

    Allen Nunn

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