We Are Not Human Doings, We Are Human Beings

Today I was involved in the President’s Leadership Council board meeting down at Brigham Young University. As part of the program a great speaker named Brad Wilcox gave an inspiring talk. There were a few comments he shared that really stood out to me and I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

First he talked about how we live at a time where we are so focused on doing, doing, doing in order to accomplish things that we often times forget to pay attention to the person we are becoming. He reminded us that we are not human doings…we are human beings.  We need to really pay attention to who we are BEING in our life. Are we being a good person? Are we being of service to others. Are we being a good friend, a trusted worker, a kind parent? Just what is it we are being?

He also reminded us that in order for us to be all that we can be in life we cannot and must not forget that anything and everything we are capable of being is dependent on the grace of God. He pointed out that going through life bragging we can win the race on our own, is like the being a jockey that brags he will win the race, completely forgetting the fact that he is riding a horse!  That jockey cannot win the race without the involvement and assistance of that horse, and we as human beings cannot win the race of life without God’s grace and help. He reminded us to be more mindful and grateful of God’s help in our lives.

I really appreciated Brad’s comments today. It’s so nice to have those opportunities where you are lifted up by words of wisdom shared by another. And I, for one, will go into the upcoming weekend with a renewed desire to pay more attention to who I am “being” rather than what I am “doing” each day, and a deeper appreciation for God’s presence in my life.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!  Don’t just do….BE!


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  • Curtis Bennett says:

    Brad is a great friend and a wise soul. Thanks for sharing these thought. I hope to share them with my staff tomorrow. All the very best!

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