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What Are Men Really Thinking?

“Women spend more time thinking about what men think than men actually spend thinking.”  -unknown

There is no question that as a woman when you ask a man what he is thinking and he responds, “Nothing” it seems like an impossible answer. How in the world could he actually be thinking about nothing??

I still remember back when I was single I had been riding in the passenger seat of a guy I was dating’s car. We had been driving along for about thirty minutes in total silence when I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I asked him what he was thinking about? He responded, “Nothing”.  I told him that couldn’t possibly be true? How could anyone think of absolutely nothing for thirty minutes like that?  For heavens sake, in the same thirty minutes I had thought through everything from the laundry I needed to get done still to how we could find a solution for world peace!…how could he have been thinking about nothing at all?  I asked him again, “No seriously, what are you really thinking about.” He pushed back for several more minutes, telling me he really wasn’t thinking of anything at all.  Finally, after it became clear I wasn’t going to just drop it, he exclaimed, “Fine, you want to know what I’ve been thinking about? I’ve been thinking that the Toyota symbol on the back of the car in front of us reminds me of a guy wearing a cowboy hat.”  And with that….lesson learned…

This one minute video is hilarious….so perfectly illustrates what I am talking about…watch their facial expressions as well – they say it all 🙂

Hope that started your week out with a SMILE!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Margaret Tebbs says:

    Thank you SO much, made my day. This is so true.

  • Randy Kidman says:

    It’s true we men tend to be attention deficit. But that is what makes us so loveable. If you want to know what our thoughts are on a particular subject, ask “what are your thoughts on (insert subject).” It will likely surprise you what small items of information we have garnered on that subject. Be prepared to ask additional questions if you want to focus on that topic, because in depth focus is seldom a strong suit.

  • Andrew says:

    Amy –
    If you asked my wife that same question, she might feel the same as you do. However, the truth be told, what we are “not” thinking about is actually a hyper focus on whether we are in danger of alienating the inspirational muse who is asking the very question. Our thoughts, in the presence of someone we are enamored with, run the gambit of “Can she smell that? Why did I say that!? She’s been quiet way too long! Am I killing my chance with her? Do I sound arrogant? Too Macho? Not macho enough?”
    This is what we mean when we say “nothin'”. We are too busy scrutinizing ourselves in a constant effort to “win” the moment.

  • FastMuscle says:

    This is hilarious. So not only does the game have zero progression, they plan to penalize the only reward system in the game. Brilliant. I”m glad I never bought the game. This is hilarious. So not only does the game have zero progression, they plan to penalize the only reward system in the game. Brilliant. I”m glad I never bought the game.

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