Amy Rees Anderson

What We Reflect to Others

“We Judge Ourselves by our Intentions

Others Judge us based on our Behavior.”

How true is that?  I think many of us tend to justify our actions by what our intensions were.  Even if in our hearts we know that our behavior was wrong.  It is a trap that is easy to fall into.

But without questions others are going to judge us based on our behavior only. And that is incredibly important for us to always keep in mind.  Think of it as a good litmus test for yourself – ask yourself “Is my behavior reflecting the person I desire to be?”  If it’s not then we need to change our behavior so the answer can be a resounding yes.

Being a good person takes effort. Not just once, but consistently…day after day…which means it’s not easy to do.  But anything worthwhile takes effort in life, so it’s worth it.

Most of you know that my son just returned home a month ago from having served a two year mission for our church.  During the two year mission he wore a name tag at all times that had his name “Elder Anderson” and it stated that he was a representative of Jesus Christ.  No matter where he went during that two years, everyone who saw him could read his name and that he was a representative of Jesus Christ.  Can you imagine the weight of responsibility that sat on his shoulders during that two years to make sure he behaved in such a way that his behavior showed others that he was living in line with that name tag?  That is serious business!

Imagine if all of us a tag on our chest every day that stated what we represented – whether it is God, or Jesus Christ, or the Universe, or whatever you believe in.  If that was on your nametag on our chest everyday how would we act differently than we do now?  It’s an eye opener to think about, and it is a good motivating exercise to help you see how you want to improve your behavior.

Today’s challenge is to act all day as if you are wearing that nametag on your chest for everyone to see what your behavior should reflect.

Have an inspiring day everyone!

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