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What would you do if you were exactly the person you’d like to be?

Too often in life we have a tendency to discount our own potential. It is often much easier to recognize other people’s talents and abilities than it is to see our own. But there is  a trick you can use to help yourself rise to the level of person you want to become – some call it the “fake it til you make it principle” but I think a much better way to describe it is this:

“By doing what you would do if you were exactly the person you’d like to be, you’ll ultimately become that person.” – Brian Tracy

The way you do it is to figure out the person or people you look up to the most. Make a list of the qualities those people have that you most admire. Then use that to help you form a description of exactly the person you yourself would like to become. Ask yourself what the things that this person you want to become would do – What are the habits they would have? How would they treat others? What things would they accomplish? Etc.  The answer to those questions will help you write up the description of exactly the person you would like to become.

Then as you move forward each day start to do all the things that person you want to become would do. Every time you find yourself in difficult circumstances or facing challenges ask yourself “What would the person I’d like to become do in this situation?” and then do that.

With every day that passes you will start to see that you are, in fact, becoming exactly that person that you most want to be.

That trick has helped me more than I could ever explain. Whenever I sit down to make a goal poster I think to myself, “What would the person I want to become have on her goal poster?”  And when I am dealing with difficult things in my life I ask myself “How would the person I want to be handle this?” Trust me, it works…it truly works…Try it!

Have an amazing day everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Jane says:

    This reminds me of the same type of mind philosophy of being Wonder Woman or someone else who has super powers. Imagine stepping into that role to do something you otherwise can’t do. Or you think you can’t do. You are #AweMazing.

  • Ilija Vrajich says:

    What great advice! Thanks for posting. This reminds me of a tactic I used to use that I will get back to using which is to imagine myself as the person I want to be in the future and then asking that person for advice on what to do or acting the way they would act just as you suggest. Awesome reminder, thanks.

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