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What’s Left Unsaid

You know its been a long day when its after midnight and you are still at your office working…which is why my son Dalton agreed to pinch hit for me tonight by writing today’s blog post:

What’s Left Unsaid (written by Dalton Anderson)

This year has been one for the history books. Probably the understatement of this century, I know. But the modified global conditions have brought about some positive opportunities for me. I’ve been able to be home with my wife and kids and see what happens at home when I would typically be at work. In some ways, it’s been a major adjustment, and it’s brought some real challenges. For instance, the first week of working from home, the internet crashed for our entire area. Another challenge is that my two-year-old would (and still does four months later) find me in my office and ask me every fifteen minutes if I am “at work still.” At first this was adorable and made me feel loved. That feeling wore off after two hours.

Even with those modifications and challenges, I can’t complain. I’m very blessed to have a job that allows me to work from home and I’m getting to spend more time with my family which has been a tremendous source of joy in my life. It’s also taught me a valuable lesson— Because I’ve been given a lot more time with my family, specifically my wife, there are ample opportunities to observe how she manages and operates our home. In most areas, I stand in awe at the way she juggles making the family three meals a day, kids’ naptimes, play time, managing her garden, getting her exercise in, working her two jobs, and on and on. I certainly married three levels up.

With everything that she does, I somehow find ways to suggest she “improve” various home processes. After a couple weeks, I could tell that she wanted the office to call and say that I could come back in. I may not be the brightest guy, but I picked up on the vibes that she wasn’t finding my “helpful feedback” very helpful. So I decided to try an experiment. The next time I found something to improve upon, I would just keep it to myself and instead compliment her on the amazing woman she is. The result: I’m alive to write this blog, aren’t I?

It’s very easy to spot weaknesses in others and share advice that we perceive as being helpful. But often, what that person could actually use is some praise and positive feedback. Remember, sometimes it’s what’s left unsaid that makes all the difference.

~Dalton Anderson (standing in for Amy Rees Anderson, author of “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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