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When’s the last time you read a Fairy Tale?

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”   C.S. Lewis

What a great quote and even better reminder.  As a kid we love reading fairy tales and watching them on TV and in our favorite Disney movies. We dream about Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After on a regular basis. Then we grow up and become stressed out, overworked adults who get all caught up in being “too busy” all the time. Too busy to laugh, too busy to take a break, too busy to have fun, too busy to go play outside…. It’s sad really.

Then, as CS Lewis says, some day we will be old enough to slow down and start reading fairy tales again. Except I don’t want to wait! I don’t want to have spent my “middle” years being too busy to dream about Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After. So thanks to his awesome reminder I am going to read a fairy tale this week!  Heck, I may even watch a Disney movie cause I want to be that person who takes time to dream, and who gets all googly about the cute love stories and the princes and princesses in beautiful castles!

Maybe if we “middle” year adults took more time to stop and read a fairy tale once in a while our lives would be better.  Maybe we would feel less stressed out and have a little more faith and hope in those Once Upon a Times and Happily Ever After’s actually coming true.  And we can’t forget to go dance at a ball and have at least one pair of amazing sparkly shoes…because we all know that Cinderella’s story proves that a great pair of shoes actually can bring you a Happily Ever After!  #truebeliever

Sweet dreams everyone, while you are awake hopefully! Go read a fairy tale!



  • Joan Landes says:

    Ha! It’s true that a great pair of shoes can bring a Happily Ever After. I come from a kinda “vertically challenged” family, so my mother told me to wear high heels every where I went as a 17 year old at BYU — I was the last daughter and the last hope for getting some “tall” DNA into our family!

    So, I was sliding down a stair bannister near Heaps of Pizza on the South West corner of campus and twisted my ankle when I landed at the bottom. (Red stiletto heels). And a guy took the time to pick me up and carry my to my apartment.

    I married him and we have 7 children and 35 years of a great life together.

    So, yeah, great shoes really CAN make a Happily Ever After.

    Thanks for a great post, Amy!

  • Joan Landes says:

    Oh, and my husband is 6 foot 4 inches. . . LOL

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