Woman Sick Versus Man Sick

In yesterday’s blog I shared how sick I was feeling, and today, unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling any better.  But as much as I would have LOVED to stay in bed sleeping all day that just wasn’t an option as there were things I had no choice but to get done, sick or not. So as miserable as I felt today, I forced myself to get up long enough to at least take care of the things that were critical to get handled.  Frankly, I think every Mom out there is used to having to push through their bouts of illness because kids don’t offer their moms sick days off, and the laundry certainly isn’t about to wash itself.  But I will say my Mom training certainly helped me during my years as the CEO of my company when there was far too much to do for me to take sick days off.

In general women are just champions at pushing past illness to get their job done.  Men….well men not so much…That’s why as miserable as I felt today, the only thing that could have made me feel worse was coming home to hear my husband say that he is starting to feel sick too….. NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!!  Why do I have that reaction to the news my husband is feeling sick you ask???  Of course only the men reading this would be asking me that question, because every woman reading it knows exactly why I’m reacting that way – Men are notoriously the worst when they are sick.  So the only thing worse than being a sick woman is being a sick woman who has to take care of a sick man.  This video is the perfect illustration of why:

Oh wait…I hear someone calling me from the other room…  Yep, it’s my husband…apparently he would like me to bring him some chicken soup with stars noodles…

~Amy Rees Anderson

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