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“You Are More Than What You Have Become”

Yesterday I wrote my Forbes article on moving past your mistakes in life and I used a quote from the movie the Lion King.  There is another quote from that movie that I can’t help but share today because I think it is so powerful.

There is a part of the movie where we hear the voice of Mufasa (who is dead) is speaking from beyond the grave to Simba (his son). Mufasa says to Simba “You are more than what you have become.” He was trying to let Simba know that he had potential that he had not yet begun to reach in his life and that Simba needed to become all that he is meant to be.

All of us are more than what we have become.  We are all a work in progress, hopefully improving ourselves with every passing day.  One of my husband’s favorite quotes is “God’s not finished with us yet.”  It’s his way of reminding himself and others that God has big plans for us in the future and we can’t consider ourselves fully developed because we are learning and growing every day.  We can’t ever give up or stop trying.  We have to keep focused on the future ahead of us and everything that we can become. The fact is that we are all more than we have become – and we need to keep working on ourselves so we can become everything that we are intended to be.

How we live our lives matters, not just for ourselves, but for all the people around us whose lives we might also effect in ways we don’t even realize. We never know when we might matter to someone else, when someone else is watching us or learning from our example, or when we are meant to touch someone’s life. And it’s up to us to live up to the potential that God knows we are capable of achieving.

We need to become all that we are.

Have an AMAZING day!



  • Paul says:

    Thank you Amy. God lead me to this blog post today, and it offered the exact encouragement that I needed right now. As you describe, you never know the ripple effects from what you say and do. You’ve touched me today in Australia, a long time after you even wrote this. May your day be blessed, and thank you once again. God bless, Paul.

    • JEREMIAH says:

      Hi,paul,i believe you’v learnt much from,this quote nevertheless,i have another quote for you from the movie the man of steel,superman’s father told clark: “alway taste your limit”

  • Shalu sharma says:

    You are more than what you have become

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with you.

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