You are never too old to DANCE

Over the weekend I was involved in putting on a big event for a Board I serve on. One night of the event we held a big dinner with a talent show and then after the talent show we had a dance party. The group involved spans a big age range of couples from in their 30’s to the husband of the oldest couple in this group being 89 years old.   As I put together the music for the dance party I was trying to grab music that covered several genres to make sure I had a little something for everyone. I loaded the back end of the playlist with younger songs because I figured the older couples would be tired after a long evening program of dinner and a talent show and so I assumed they would be heading off to bed after just a few dance songs. As it turns out, I could not have been more wrong in that assumption.

The 89 year old and his wife who is just a few years younger got out on the dance floor at the start of the dance party and they were tearing it up. It was so cute to watch them dancing together. They were smiling and laughing and their eyes twinkled whenever they looked at each other. They danced the first song and then the second…but they didn’t stop there…other younger couples grew tired of dancing and headed off to bed but this older couple wasn’t losing a second of steam…they just kept dancing. By now my playlist had ventured into the younger music so the wife came over to me and told me I needed to put some Frank Sinatra on! Lucky for me I had some Sinatra on my iPod and was able to put it on for her. They went right back on the floor and kept dancing. Finally I was worn out and almost everyone else had stopped dancing so I figured it would be okay to call it for the night and I turned the speakers off and started taking down. The husband came over and said “We aren’t done dancing yet!” So I turned the music back on and out on the dance floor they went for several more songs…

I was mesmerized watching them…all I could think was how much I want to be like them when I am that age. I want to be that couple out on the dance floor laughing and dancing with that twinkle in our eyes for each other. 65 years…that’s how many years of marriage they have been dancing together. 65 years…and they are still dancing the night away together.

We finally ended the dance party because I had to get to bed. As I was taking down they walked past me with a few other couples and let me know that they were heading over to the local dance club to keep dancing!  No joke…they really did…and well over an hour or more later after I had finished doing all the cleanup from the event I was walking through the resort and I walked past the dance club where they had headed to and I spotted the two of them just leaving the club walking hand in hand to finally head to their bedroom for the night. I was seriously blown away. 89 years old…I so want to be like that couple when I am their age!!!  #lifegoals

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I believe that no matter how old we get we are never too old to dance. Sure it may get a little more difficult to move all our parts in the same way we used to, but even if it is just in our minds we should never stop dancing through life or through our marriage.

Have a great day everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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