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You Can Do Anything If You Stop Trying To Do Everything

“You Can Do Anything If You Stop Trying To Do Everything.” – Oliver Emberton

WOW!  Talk about a quote that smacks you right between the eyes with the most obvious “DUH” moment ever!  I mean really, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

After selling my company back in 2012 I thought my life would be nothing but free-time and fun vacations to Disneyland, but somehow I have allowed my life to become busier than it ever was before. I don’t even really know how I let that happen…but somehow I did.  And my life has grown more and more complex over the last six years instead of less so, and I didn’t even notice it happening…

I’ve become the worst at trying do everything. I have become the extreme multi-tasker, which has inevitably led me to get buried up to my neck with far too much to get done and not nearly enough time to do it all.  And because I refuse to do anything without giving it 110% effort, and because I am unwilling to ever not finish something I’ve committed to do, I end up sacrificing a lot of things like sleeping, eating, and any “me-time” whatsoever…not the best idea…

Lately I have really started to recognize my need to narrow down my focus. I need to really evaluate the things I am willing to get involved in so that I can put more of my attention into those really important goals I still want to accomplish in my life.  It’s never fun to say no to anything, but we have to learn to so we can stop trying to do everything and do the “anything” we really want to.

“Man who chases two rabbits catches neither.” -Confucius

Figure out the things you want to accomplish the most. Then evaluate all you have going on and figure out what things, even though they may feel important, aren’t really essential to be doing. then turn your time and attention to those goals that matter most.

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Javier says:

    I’m trying to learn guitar, animation, filmmaking and artificial intelligence in a period between 2 to 3 years, do you think that it is possible?

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