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You Can Lead A Horse To Water And Sometimes The Horse Will Crap In It

“You can lead a horse to water and sometimes the horse will crap in it.”  – Roger Ellerton

Yesterday I was dealing with some fallout that was caused by someone who made some really unnecessary mistakes in a professional setting that had some really impactful consequences.  What was even more frustrating to me was that in advance of them making the mistake I had literally reached out and reminded them of how important it was that they do the very thing they then didn’t do.  Why would they mess that up?!  Was it incompetence?  Was it intentional?  Who knows… but the bottom line is whichever the case, the mistake made will have lasting effects and that makes me really sad…

As I was dealing with some of the fallout caused by their mistake I sat their asking myself how could anyone be so shortsighted?  I’d shown them multiple examples of how to handle things prior to their making the mistake. I’d reminded them in advance of the importance of making sure they handled it properly. Yet they still failed to do it…

So when a friend who was aware of what went on sent me the opening quote all I could do was laugh through my tears…because it’s true…there is only so much you can do for people…you can lead them to water but they are the ones who must decide if they are going to drink it, or go to the bathroom in it.  So when you find yourself with a horse that’s doing the latter of the two…perhaps it’s time to get a new horse…

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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