You Never Know the Impact You Can Have On Someone

I have to start tonight’s blog off by saying I am the luckiest mom in the world and here’s why – Today I was asked to give two keynote presentations for two different groups down at Brigham Young University. The groups I spoke to were both awesome and amazing and I loved every minute of spending time with them, but by the end of the night when the second group finished I was totally worn out! My son Dalton came to meet me on campus when it ended and seeing that I was exhausted and knowing I still had a 45 minute drive home, he was sweet enough to offer to write a blog in my stead tonight. I jumped at his offer. When I walked in the door to check my email he had sent the following blog for me to post:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing to you, the one, the only, Dalton!!! For those of you who don’t know, I’m the beloved son of Miss Amy Rees Anderson. So I figured since my sister Ashley would write one of these every once in a while before her mission, I figured it would only be fair if I got to write one too! So here it is, my very first blog post on behalf of my Mama!!!

What I wanted to share with you is a lesson I was taught by my mom today! That lesson is how to brighten someone’s day. You see today my mama came to my university to do some speaking events, and she decided she would take some time out of her extremely busy schedule to bring me some lunch and spend some quality time with me! Now this might not seem like something all that special, but to me, it meant the world! Not just because she brought me lunch (and the fastest way to my heart is of course food), or because of the time that she took out of her jam-packed schedule, but most of all because we just got to goof around and talk! She got to hear how my life is going and everything, and it just meant the world to me! I mean lately our life has been so stressful with wedding planning, that normally were all just stressed! But today was like being with my best friend and just laughing at random stuff! I loved it!

So here’s the lesson I learned. I often am trying to think of ways to serve others and bring some joy into their life. Often I’ll get caught up in this train of thought that I have to do something big or something that takes a lot of effort. Not so I found out today. Just think of someone every day who you want to serve or uplift, and then check up on them and just talk to them! Have a laugh, listen to what they have to say, and enjoy the time you have. Honestly, just that one hour eating lunch with my mama filled me with so much happiness, that I’ve been beaming with the biggest smile all day! So if you want the secret to making people’s day, try what my mom did for me, and just have a fun conversation! Isn’t any more complicated than that! And you never know the type of impact that can have on someone.  –Dalton”

Luckiest mom ever! And to back up what he said – his nice gesture of writing the blog for me made my day too…so my act of service to him came back to me tenfold…#blessed


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