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You Want To Know What’s Super Convenient?

You want to know what’s super convenient?  When it bedtime rolls around and you don’t have to get ready for bed because you’re still wearing your pajamas from the night before! 

Yeah…that pretty much sums up my day today…  I woke up early this morning and had to jump immediately on my computer and phone and I ended up staying in that exact same spot all day long…and night long…  Until finally my daughter Ashley, who’d come over to make good on a Mother’s Day gift of cleaning my closet for me, insisted I step away from my desk at home to come and see my newly cleaned closet and admire her handy work. 

Now to make sure you can fully appreciate what my daughter did for me you need to know that my closet is not a typical sized closet – its at least two or maybe even three times bigger than my master bedroom is (as, of course, every woman’s closet should be 🙂 ) so cleaning it was no small task, especially when there was a large percentage of my clothes that had somehow made their way to floor over the last few months.  But when I walked in it was amazingly clean!  I’ve got give my daughter Ashley serious props – she is like this magical closet Genie who just blinks her eyes and magically all the clothes get all hung up on hangers in beautiful color coordinated sections all organized by type. She’s got some mad closet organizing skillz for sure!!  And I loved that while I was working away furiously at my desk she id that for me because it made my day to walk in and find it all clean.

She and I then walked into the kitchen and found her husband who’d come to pick her up. I was completely embarrassed for him to see me still wearing my pajamas from the night before with my hair still piled up on my head looking like a birds nest gone horribly wrong.  But by that point it was too late….I’d been busted….he tried not to laugh…I decided all I could do was go with it…and point out to him that while I might look ridiculous I am also conveniently already ready for bed tonight…so who’s laughing now?!

There’s almost always a positive way you can look at things if you’re just willing to look hard enough 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )


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