Amy Rees Anderson

“You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them.”

The human spirit is an amazing thing.  It is capable of doing and becoming more than we ever recognize.  The fact is that we never really know our limits in life until we are pushed into them or until we push ourselves beyond what we are currently doing.  It is so easy to just do the same old-same ole.  It’s so easy to get caught up in a routine day after day where you do exactly what you already know how to do and don’t push yourself to go beyond that.  And we typically will continue on that path until life throws us a curve ball that forces us to step or, or until we finally reach a point of misery where we decide enough is enough and we force ourselves to change our lives by going outside our comfort zone.

So often in life we think to ourselves as we see other people’s trials that are more difficult than our own,  “I could never handle that”, but when push comes to shove and you have no choice but to handle it, it is amazing that somehow you find a way to get through.  Our outer limits of what we can handle is well beyond what we seem to think.  We are stronger and more capable then we typically believe we are, so its really a shame that it takes the negative trials to show us that.  Wouldn’t it be so much better if we could push ourselves beyond our own limits without waiting for circumstances to force us there?

That has been on my mind a lot today for some reason – The desire to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone and the desire to push ourselves to be more and do more than we are currently doing.  So I made a daily checklist of what we need to do to make that happen:

Every morning when you wake up:

Wake up each morning with a desire to be more than you were yesterday

Decide to do and accomplish more each day then what you did yesterday

Don’t allow any excuses that hold you back from making progress today

Believe in your ability to be much more today than you were yesterday

No more procrastinating – START NOW!

We have control of determining how much we will push our own limits in order to truly achieve our greatest potential in life.  Don’t sit passively by waiting for life events to force you to go beyond your limits – Do it yourself first!  It feels much more gratifying when you take charge and make it happen on your own.    So start pushing your own limits and discover exactly how far your limits can take you!!




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