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“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”  – Albert Einstein

Do you look at a blank page and see a story full of adventure coming to life?  Do you look at a blank canvas and see the colors of a beautiful picture appear?  Can you walk into an empty room and picture it full of furniture and décor?   If you said yes to any of these, then you have a good imagination.

Having a good imagination is genuine gift in life.  I have found that my own imagination has served me well over the years.  From an early age I found that I was able to see something that was totally incomplete and picture it as a fully completed item.  For example, when my children were very little and I had no money to spend on furniture, I would go to the local thrift stores to try and find a piece of old furniture that I could refinish into something usable.  I could look at an ugly, old rocking chair with painted wood and peeling fabric on its cushions and I could see in that chair the vision of it being a beautifully stained wood rocker with brightly colored fabric cushions.  Then I would buy the broken down one, take it home, and turn it into that vision that I had in my head of the beautiful wood rocker.  I was grateful for my ability to see the beauty in any object because it was getting that mental picture of the items potential that helped me know the end result of what it might be if worked toward that.  It motivated and inspired me to get to work and bring about that beautiful end result that lied within the items potential.

I don’t know exactly how to teach someone else to be able to see potential in others and in things, but I I wish I did; because I realize what a blessing it is to learn how to do that in this life. I know that in my own life this skill has helped me to recognize opportunities of potential that exist in business, it has helped me to recognize talents that people hold potential to achieve, and it has helped me to see a vision for what my own future could hold…which is always a hugely helpful motivator for us. 🙂

“Anxiety uses imagination to picture something you don’t want.  Vision uses imagination to picture something you do want.  Either way, you tend to get what you focus on.  Imagine a future where you shine, others thrive, and the light of hope shines brighter in the world.  If you can see it, you can be it.”  – Ian Lawton

Today’s challenge is to try and imagine what your full potential would look like.  Using your imagination, get a vision of what that looks like in your head, and then go out there and be that person!



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