You’re Never Too Old To Need Your Parents

I can hardly believe it was a full year ago last week that my husband was hospitalized with COVID.  I remember so clearly getting that phone call from him telling me I needed to get him to the Emergency Room immediately which caused me to burst into tears instantly as I knew it must be life threatening for him to be asking to go.  I also remember how terrified I felt as the doctors and nurses were rushing to hook him to multiple IV’s all at once as he was going septic. I remember the barrage of tests they did trying to figure out what could be causing it to no avail.  It was a full month or so before one of the doctors brought up that he suspected it had been COVID.  Sure enough, one antibody test later they confirmed it – COVID it was.

I can hardly believe that our hospital stay last year was just the beginning of our COVID nightmare that would go on for an entire year and then some…even now I struggle to believe it’s gone on for a year…its hard to fathom…

My husband’s parents called last week to let us know they were heading down from Idaho to come stay with us this week. They’ve been staying up in Idaho since COVID hit but my 87 year-old father-in-law said he couldn’t take being cooped up any longer so he and my mother-in-law jumped in their car and drove down (“jumped” probably isn’t the most accurate description considering they are 87 and 80, but you get the gist 🙂  ).

Having the opportunity to spend time with my parents-in-law this week is such a blessing.  It’s been brutal this last year not to get to see either set of parents the way we used to before COVID hit. And while I admit I worry to no end about the possibility of my in-laws being exposed while they are here visiting us, I’m so grateful to have them here.

You’re never too old to need your parents.     

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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