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Positive Politics…What a Dream that Would Be!

Today I attended a roundtable with Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senator Hatch, Candidate Mia Love, and several other key politicians.  It was a great discussion and I enjoyed being a part of it.  As we draw closer and closer to the upcoming elections I am completely floored and frankly disgusted by the number

Fun Ideas for Freaking Out Trick-or-Treater’s on Halloween

First I have to admit that there is little I enjoy LESS than the repeated doorbell ringing on the night of Halloween when you have to walk through the house for the ten millionth time to open the door and pass out candy.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy seeing all the cute little kids

Capacity Beyond Imagination

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.  No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before. Everyone can create.  You don’t need money position or influence in order to create something of substance or beauty. 

Raw Talent at its Finest

I am guessing that many of you who saw my daughter Ashley’s avatar got really excited thinking this blog was written by her – but this time it wasn’t written by her, however, it is about her so I thought it would be fitting to use her avatar to go with this story: Tonight I was sitting down to

The Good Wife’s Guide – NOT!

Okay, this article I found is hilarious – and unbelievable at the same time – but still crazy hilarious –  I am talking roll on the floor funny.  The fact that any woman actually bought into this amazes me…I don’t care how many years ago this was…this article had to be written by a man…I

“The Voices Told Me To Buy More Shoes”

At least that is what I tell my husband!  I blame my obsession with shoes on Cinderella frankly.  But let’s be honest – there is just something SO HAPPY about buying a brand new pair of shoes :)!  I don’t even know that this burst of joy that buying a new pair of shoes causes

4 Ways to Woo an Investor: How to Stand Out in the Crowd (Forbes Article)

In a world full of great entrepreneurial ideas, how do you get your idea to stand out from the others? Today I served as a judge for the 2012 Medical Technology “Concept to Company” Competition. As judges, we were asked to select three winners from a group of eight different companies that presented to our

Viva Las Vegas!

I mentioned last week that for UEA my husband and I decided to take my daughter and four of her close friends for a teenager’s getaway weekend- we spent that weekend in Las Vegas.  Yes, it was us and five 16 year old girls…Rollin deserves a medal for handling that trip as well as he did! 

How You Feel About Yourself is what Matters

For UEA I am spending time with my daughter and four of her friends.  If you were counting that is five teenage girls I am with…five.  It is amazing how much energy five teenage girls can have, especially when an ipod is playing dance music.  Oh, to be young and have endless energy again! As

Be the Steve in Someone’s Life (in memory of)

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of the death of my best friend Steve Gasser.  Steve was an amazing person.   He was kind, and caring, and he was always thinking of others and doing for others.  The day he died was one of the hardest days of my life.  I didn’t write about him yesterday

The Future CEO of America

As many of you probably did as well, I have just finished watching the Presidential debate on television.   Normally I don’t voice my feelings about politics (so this is likely a one timer from me on this subject as I don’t really enjoy political debating), but tonight I feel compelled to express my thoughts on

Life After Selling A Business (Forbes Article)

As an entrepreneur you start a business with the goal of someday selling it and getting your big payoff. You devote your entire life to making it a success, working your guts out, putting in crazy hours and making many sacrifices to grow your company. Then one day that payoff finally comes, and you suddenly

Adopt the Attitude of an Ant!

A group of scientists decided to investigate what subterranean cities, created by a colony of ants, looked like. These scientists poured cement for three days until 10 tons of cement had been poured down the tubes of the ant farm. Once the cement had set they began to excavate the underground city created by these

Wouldn’t Trade the Memories…

Tonight we attended a dinner and a charity auction in which they were auctioning off a trip to Hawaii.  As we sat and talked with our friends at the table I was reminded of the last time my family took a trip to Hawaii together and the series of crazy mishaps we went through –

Do you have any regrets?

I was able to hear an amazing talk the other day that every person in this world would benefit from reading. The talk was fairly long, so I have copied and pasted some of the sections of the talk below to share it with you. It’s not the entire talk below, but I pulled out

Easy, Breezy, Nothin!

Do you ever have days where everything is just…well hard!?  You know, your day starts with not waking up on time because you hit the snooze button, like, forever…and then you show up late to your first meeting, which then has the waterfall effect on the next meeting, which you rush out of to make

adVentures of a Super Angel

HUGE NEWS:  I have been asked to write a regular article for Forbes!  And so at least once per week my daily blog will redirect you from this website to read my blog on Forbes site.  I am really excited to have this opportunity with Forbes.  My ongoing Forbes article is called “adVentures of a Super Angel”, and today’s

Take an Inventory of Life’s Blessings

This past weekend I was able to listen to numerous talks that were given by extraordinary men and women on a myriad of different subjects.  One of my favorites was a talk about taking inventory of the blessings that have come into our lives: “As I have reviewed the past 49 years, I have made


This week is Entrepreneurship week at BYU.  They have huge events for entrepreneurs and investors going on this week, with networking, business plan competitions, and speakers.  I was asked to speak on one of the panels today that was focused on Going to Market Strategies.  It was a fun session and we talked about the

Day One, One Word – EPIC!

Today was day one, I repeat, day ONE of REES Capital and let me tell you that EPIC is seriously the only word that would describe today.  What a whirlwind of amazingness today was! We had news interviews with the Salt Lake Tribune that hit today’s paper: The Deseret News that hit today’s paper:

Formally Announcing REES Capital!

Today marks the formal announcement of my new venture – REES Capital – and our new company website is now live – . When I said in my blog yesterday that I have been working round the clock, this was why!  I have been furiously getting everything together for the press release to go out October 3rd and

The Entrepreneurs Disease

I realized today that I have it.  No question about it.  I have Entrepreneurs Disease and there is just no denying it.  How do I know that my diagnosis is accurate?  Let me tell you… Today was my very first day of my retirement from being CEO of MediConnect Global.  For the last nine years


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