We Won’t Accomplish Anything Spectacular Until We Attempt To DO Something Spectacular

We will never accomplish anything spectacular until we attempt to DO something spectacular.

Sometimes there are projects or goals so big they seem like they’d be totally impossible to accomplish. Especially as you start to think about every little thing that would need to happen to bring it to pass…all the stars that would need to align perfectly…all of the hours of hard work that will need to go into it…and all of the possibilities of things that could go wrong along with the odds that it may very well fail… In many ways its a wonder that we would ever talk ourselves into taking one of these really big projects on, or even consider setting those really big goals after thinking all those details through.

But if we ever really want to accomplish anything spectacular in life we are going to have to dare to jump! We are going to have to think to ourselves “Here goes nothing!”  And then literally just go for it!!

“Thinking here goes nothing, could be the start of everything.”  -Drew Wagner

By saying to ourselves “Here goes nothing” we are letting ourselves know that it’s okay to go all in and give it our best try, accepting the fact that if in the end it doesn’t work out the way we’d hoped for, it is still worth making the effort…regardless of what the outcome may be.

And at the reality is we can’t control outcomes anyway…not really…we can only control our efforts. So we should accept up front that if, in the end, the outcome is different than we’d hoped for going into it, it will still have been for our best good.

Life’s greatest lessons are learned when we take on the big projects, and set big goals that scare us, and then go for it with all we’ve got! So if the thought of a new goal excites you and scares you at the same time – it’s probably well-worth pursuing.  Shoot for the stars baby…shoot for the stars!

~ Amy Rees Anderson

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