Kindred Spirits You’re Destined To Meet

“When you encounter someone you were destined to meet the conversation will take flight as if it were on the wings of angels, complete strangers confiding in each other as if you were lifelong friends.” – Kevin Hall

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone for the first time, but having that feeling that you already know them?  There is an instant connection and an immediate comfort as if you have known them all your life.  You feel totally at ease sharing things with them because there is that sense of trust and familiarity.  There is a mutual respect and admiration for one another and the bond of friendship comes instantly, without any effort at all.  These are kindred spirits.  And meeting a kindred spirit is one of life’s great joys.

Tonight my husband and I were invited to have dinner with a couple we’d met a few times before but who we’d never gotten one on one time with to get to know each other on a deeper level.  As we sat down at the table with them it took all of about two minutes to know that these two were kindred spirits.  And five hours later standing out in the freezing cold parking lot still talking after the restaurant had closed it was obvious that we’d become lifelong friends.   

Driving home, my husband and I talked about how awesome it is to cross paths with people in life that truly are kindred spirits. 

I personally don’t believe that kindred spirits meet by chance. I think kindred spirits are people we’d known in spirit before even coming into this life, which explains that instant connection we feel when we meet – we’re recognizing friends that we’ve known longer than we conceive of. That’s what makes it so easy and comfortable to open up to them so quickly, because our hearts already recognize them as friends that can be trusted.

My life has been blessed numerous times as I’ve crossed paths with kindred spirits.  Many of my dearest friendships and my most valued business relationships have been formed with people that were kindred spirits and I’m so incredibly grateful for them because it is those kindred spirits that end up being eternal friends…both before this life and most certainly after.

Never let life become so busy that you miss noticing the kindred spirits meant to be in your life. Because finding them is truly a blessing.

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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  • Bruce A Ingram says:

    Great read with this topic today. I have never met you nor has my wife, but for some reason you have popped back up in my life (and now my wife’s life) indirectly through the internet. This came with such power, that after reflection, we too feel like we may be kindred spirits of such to some extent. Because of such influence I shared with my wife your experience and accomplishments. All I can say is “wow”! You are amazing and I see my wife desiring to move that direction in our industry and more. She made a comment today about what she wants to do in the future and then I came across an article I saved.
    You see, I came across an article that was published in Forbes many years ago with the topic of “Honesty and integrity” that you had published. It was so powerful that I obviously saved it for quotes in future speaking or teaching opportunities. I agreed with the principles and elements that were so simply presented on the topic and had shared with many all my life. Today as I reviewed my documents saved in my file I came across that article and after reading it I was inspired to reach out and see if you still had your blog and who and what you were about.
    I am grateful for your talents and your encouraging advise. You have inspired many I’m sure, and are now inspiring my wife in a indirect way.
    Long about way I am getting to the point of why I am reaching out to you. Do you do mentorships or are you in a position to mentor another? We are involved in the Mortgage business in Utah. Ginny, my wife, has been in the industry for over 20 years and is a very accomplished and professional licensed loan officer and account executive. She is an excellent example of one honest business woman. She reminds me of you. She wants to do so much more in life and I support her in this regard. Have you ever been on a board or chaired a committee in the Mortgage industry? We have discussed you and your influence and feel you may be a resource as kindred in spirit to help her jump forward in life. What can we do to meet you and possibly allow you to mentor Ginny?
    Thanks for your time.

    Bruce A Ingram

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